Two weeks before this wedding we got an email. ‘Are you guys available for our wedding?’ Pascal asked. And we did! There wasn’t even enough time to plan an intake, so we Skyped for half an hour.  Right away we had a connection. So we were booked. And oh my god, we didn’t want to miss this wedding!

We planned to start photographing at the ceremony. But when we arrived at Brasserie Beeckestijn, we couldn’t find the bride and groom. One of the kind employees of Beeckestijn told us that they were still busy getting dressed and that we were more than welcome to take photo’s. So we went upstairs and saw, to our surprise, Pascal and his bride Yiwen getting dressed in the same room. Yiwen helped Pascal decide whether or not to wear his belt and which tie looked better on him. They weren’t even in a hurry! Instead they felt happy, calm and they trusted that everything would be in place. And it did! We can learn from them, I thought. 🙂

I wish I had in on tape, Yiwens speech. So loving and so accurately explained. How beautiful and at the same time hard it is for her to love someone so much who lives on the other side of the world. The ceremony was beyond beautiful. Because of Pascals work as a musician the music was life performed. He even sat down behind the keyboard and played a song he wrote especially for his bride. And if that wasn’t a big enough surprise, one of Yiwens best friends sang a song during the piano play.

Brasserie Beeckestijn and his surrounding gardens are obviously a national monument. We had a blast photographing Pascal en Yiwen in the various gardens.


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